Find in this section all the information about the home page of the dashboard.
As soon as you enter the dashboard, you will find the home page.
There you will be able to identify 4 main sections:
  • Account level description
  • Integrations
  • Balances
  • Profile menu

Account level description

This section shows a graph indicating the current account level.
For more information:


This section highlights some of dLocal Go's integrations for quick and easy access. For more information:


This section shows the account balances. There are 3 balances:
  • In transit: Sum of all completed transactions that have not yet met the settlement period (3 days for cash and bank transfers and 7 days for cards).
  • Available balance: Amount available for transfer to your bank account.
  • Current balance: Sum of available balance and in transit balance.
The total accumulated indicates the cumulative total of all transactions completed since the account was created. This is the total that is taken into account for the calculation of the limits per level.

Profile menu

In addition, through a drop-down menu that can be accessed by clicking on the profile icon with your initial, you will be able to access the following functionalities:


Displays a menu that allows the following modifications:
  • Username
  • Language (is taken into account both for the dashboard and for the notifications received by e-mail)
  • Agree to receive news and promotions
  • Password (for security reasons, it is advisable to change the password from time to time)

Frequently asked questions

From there you can access the FAQ section of dLocal Go:


Displays a form that allows you to open a support ticket to get help from our Customer Support team.


Ends the current session of the logged in user.