You can access your Settlements section from here.
There you will find a list of the settlements with their status:

Settlement status

Settlement statuses can be:
Pending: The settlement is created and pending processing.
Delivered: The settlement was delivered to the bank for processing. The balance has not yet been assigned to the merchant's bank account at this step.
Completed: The settlement was completed and the balance was transfered to the merchant's bank account.
Canceled, Failed and Rejected: The withdrawal could not be completed for different reasons. Verify that the account and account holder information is correct.
If the bank account to which you wish to make settlements is in your personal name, you must enter your personal details when creating the account, in the "Company data" section. If the account to which you wish to make settlements is in your company name, you must enter your company details when creating the account.
You can choose either of the two options, what is important is that the data entered in "Company data" when creating the account cannot be modified later. The data you enter in this section must be the data you will use to withdraw the money to your bank account.

Create a new settlement

To create a new settlement, you must have available balance and the account must be at step 2. You can create new settlement by pressing the blue + button.
By clicking the button, the following form will be displayed:
In this form, you must select an existing bank account or enter a new one, and confirm.
Settlements must always be of the total amount available.
Settlements are always in the merchant's local currency. In case the account has been created with a balance in USD, the USD amount will be converted to your local currency.