Getting Started

Getting started with dLocal Go is quick and easy!
First, you have to create your account here by entering your full name, email, operational currency and password.
The operational currency cannot be modified once the account has been created. The selected currency will be used for balances and withdrawals.
After entering your information and accepting the Terms and Conditions, you must click on the "Register" button. This will create your account and trigger a confirmation email to the email address you entered.
It's important that you check the email provided is correct, otherwise the account won't be validated. If you haven't received the confirmation email, please contact our support team.
After clicking on the button in the email received, your email will be confirmed and you will be redirected to the login screen. There you can access your dashboard with your email and password.

¡Welcome to your dashboard!

You can access your dashboard by clicking this link.
When accessing the dashboard for the first time, the following steps must be followed to activate your account:

Entering basic information

You can register as a Company or as an Individual. Simply fill in the required information required in the Company Data section and click on "Send information".
IMPORTANT: The information provided in this section will be used for the withdrawals to your bank account. The name of the company/individual must match with the bank account holder's name.

Payment method selection

In the Payment Method section of the Dashboard, you can select the payment methods you want to offer to your clients.
A payment method will not be shown to your customers until it is added in this section.
All set! You can start using dLocal Go now!

Once I completed the configuration, what are the next steps?

Congratulations, you have completed the initial setup and now you have an active dLocal Go account!
If you want to receive payments via payment link, learn how:
If you have a website or store, you will find how to integrate with us in:
To have everything ready for your first withdrawal, you can add your bank account information in the Bank Accounts section.
It is recommended that you send the necessary documentation to upgrade your account level, as this will allow you to withdraw your money and access higher limits. You can do this from the dashboard, in the Company Data section.