Payment Button

Create a payment button and insert it on your website to start receiving payments easily, quickly and securely.
If you haven't created your dLocal Go account yet, please visit the Getting Started section first.
Use our payment button to receive multiple payments of the same amount.
If you set up an amount in USD, you can use a single button to receive payments from all the countries we have available! It is also possible to create buttons in local currency.
Easily integrate our button and start receiving payments easily, quickly and securely!

Generate button from Dashboard

From the form we have in our dashboard you can generate a payment button to insert in your website, easily and without technical knowledge.
  • If you wish to collect payments from several countries, simply enter an amount in USD and select "All" in the country field.
  • If you wish to charge an amount in local currency for a specific country, simply enter the country, choose between local currency or USD and the amount of the product or service you wish to charge and click on the "Create" button.
A code will be generated in the box below that must be copied and inserted into your website to start collecting payments.
Remember that in case you choose USD as currency, the amount will be automatically converted to your customer's local currency, so that your customer always pays in his local currency.