Account setup

To be able to process payments securely, you must complete the 2 account set-up steps in which we will ask for regulatory information about you and your company.
In step 1, we will ask you for basic information about yourself and the company you are registering. Once completed, you will be able to start receiving payments with any dLocal Go product, and process up to 3,000 USD.
In step 2, we will ask you to send documentation of your company, proof of address and identity, along with your bank account details. Once the information is completed and validated, you will be able to withdraw the money from your sales and process unlimited payments.
To complete these steps, go to the Company Data section on your dashboard.

Details within each step

Processing limit
Withdrawal of money enabled
Enabled payment methods
Available products
Up to 3,000 USD
In the case of transactions in local currency, the equivalent in USD will be considered.

Information requested in each step

Information requested
Commercial information: trade name or brand of the company, industry and website.
Legal information: legal name of the company, country of origin of the company, document type and number, and balance currency.
Contact information: mobile phone.
In the case of a natural person, the legal name of the company will not be requested, but rather the full name of the natural person.
Documents of the owner of the company: copy of the identity document and proof of address.
Company documents: tax registration document and articles of incorporation of the company.
Bank account data:
  • In the US: bank, type of account, routing number, bank account number and address.
  • Other countries: bank, type of account, bank account number, branch address and proof of bank account.
Brazil only: In the case of a natural person, tax registration document will not be requested.