Payment Link

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The payment link is a practical and fast payment solution that allows you to receive online payments even if you don't have technical knowledge.
With dLocal Go you can create a payment link, share it with your customer and receive payments online quickly, easily and securely!
Your customer doesn't need to have a dLocal Go account to pay!

As simple as following three steps:

  • Choose your customer's country, currency (local or USD) and the amount of the product or service you want to charge. You can also add a description (recommended!) so your customer can see what the charge is about.
Remember that your customer will always pay in their local currency, even if you specify the amount in USD.
  • Click on the "Create payment link" button and the link is generated! You can now share it via email, Whatsapp, social networks, or wherever you want!
You can also enter your customer's information. The more customer information you enter, the less information he will be asked for and the faster and easier it will be to complete the payment!
Payment links are single use only, in case you need to charge the same product or service to several customers, we recommend using our Payment Button integration.


Payment links expire after 15 days from their creation. To solve the problem, you should create a new link for the same amount and send it to your customer.
No, payment links are single use only. You can create a payment link for each customer, or use our payment button.
No, payment links are single use only. You must create a payment link for each transaction, or use our payment button.